Why Choose a Common Vendor for Cloud Communication and Contact Centre

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One service for all communication tools 

Are you planning to use or have more than one vendor for your communication and customer care needs? If yes, you might suffer the unnecessary stress of more than one high-cost bill.   

Taking services from multiple vendors means you’ll always be juggling between bills payments. As a result, you get disconnected from the contact center and the rest of your business. It ultimately complicates the customer experience and negatively affects business revenue.  

Then what is the solution? Imagine getting all the services like contact center solutions and cloud communication from a single vendor. The vendor provides a system that integrates all the tools into one solution/platform.   

The increasing popularity of Hybrid working and remote work culture has made the integration of multiple tools into one even more important. Choosing a unified communication solution from the vendor is a great way to access many tools in a single platform. A research report from Metrigy (the company that provides guidance to tech giants) has claimed that less tool for Unified communication as a service(UCaaS) and contact center as a service(CCaaS), the more value to a business.  

As per Metrigy’s report, the comparison between Integrated platform and individual vendors. 

Parameters  Company With An Integrated Platform  Company Using Multiple Vendor 
Increase in revenue  54%  26% 
Increase in customer experience ratings  37%  30% 
Decrease in monthly cost per agent  22%   

From the above comparison, it is clear that UCaaS and CCaaS can belong together under the sole vendor. One great aspect is that it is run overcloud, making a move easy.  

Get High Business ROI with Cloud Communications  

Before explaining the top benefits of a unified communication system and contact centre, let’s understand why switching to a cloud-based solution is imperative. There are various benefits of migrating to the cloud system, including easy setup & installation. Besides this, 37% of businesses have moved to the cloud system to enhance flexibility. On the other hand, 74% have migrated for easy disaster recovery. Along with that, opting cloud system has cost benefits too. Here is how you get the benefit.  

  • Easy Upgrades and Maintenance – Unlike on-premise equipment, a cloud solution doesn’t require a lot of manual maintenance and constant upgrades, in fact, it eliminates all the hassle. Even a phone system like Virtual PBX is hosted over the cloud, implying that you don’t need to pay extra equipment costs. In case of any upgrades and maintenance, the vendor does it automatically.  
  • No Hidden Costs – There are no additional hidden costs with the cloud. You’ll only pay for the service which you’re using. It eradicates on-premise hardware costs and hefty long duration call bills. Moreover, when it comes to scaling, on-premises equipment can be pricey. So, migrating to the cloud is a good decision if you want to minimise costs.  
  • Stand-Alone Services – Paying separate bills for video conferencing, audio calls, real-time messaging and faxing, SMS, and contact centre services with multiple vendors add up costs, particularly when they’re on-premises systems requiring IT support that can be expensive. Cloud-based unified communication can provide many services in one monthly fee and can remove the burden of dealing with (and paying) different third-party vendors.  

Switching to a cloud platform can be a big move for your business. When we say that cloud is beneficial for your business, you’ll save money and time while improving employees and customer experience.  

Major Benefits of Integrated Cloud Communications and Contact Centre Solution  

You might be thinking that – why should I get a Cloud setup if I’ve already got an on-premise setup. You should know that the usage of traditional PBX is becoming obsolete, now it’s 2022, and businesses need a competitive advantage to stand out above in the market. As per Gartner, CCaaS will be the preferred deployment model for many contact centres and replace the traditional on-premise model in the coming years.    

We’ve outlined how a fully integrated cloud-based contact center solution will meet your employees and customer expectations.  

1) Forges Trust and Loyalty with Clients  

By adopting a contact centre and unified communication solution, you can not only build trust among clients but also gain their loyalty. It is because the unified solution can enhance the workforce’s engagement and productivity. It eventually results in a better customer experience. Let’s see how an integrated solution can help.  

  • Call Recording Boosts Workforce engagement – It is especially crucial in the age of remote working where employees are not always physically connected. In addition to this, the call recording help enhance service quality by analysing customer interactions overcall.  
  • Good communication reduces employee’s turnover – Integrated solutions make it easier for workers to communicate with one another and clients. Unlike other communication methods, it is a faster communication process that makes the job easy for employees, and in the end, they’ll stay for the long haul.  

2) Streamline Business Workflow  

The greatest benefit of UCaaS and CCaaS is that it creates a bridge and fill the gaps between customer service and your business. With the help of this robust cloud connection, employees can easily share knowledge and improve productivity. Here is how you can streamline your business operation through an integrated solution.   

  • Call transfer helps avoid customers’ calls – In case the call centre representative is busy or outside the premise, he can transfer the call to his colleague to avoid missing crucial client calls.  
  • Automated dashboard to keep agents updated – It alerts agents about the lags in customer response times. It helps fix the problem as soon as possible.  

3) Offers Omnichannel Experience  

The covid-19 pandemic has hastened the adoption of different digital channels. In order to stay ahead in the competition, businesses need a customer-centric approach. With the inclusion of more digital channels like social media, text, live chats, video and audio calls, communicating with people in the right place is important to maintain business credibility. Unified communication has made it simpler to meet customers in their channel of choice.  

  • Omnichannel routing supports more than 30+ digital channels – An omnichannel experience give customers the ability to contact you via the method that’s most comfortable for them at any moment.   
  • Agents can multitask at the same time – Call centre agents can deal with multiple customer interactions at the same time using these channels – phone calls, text, messaging, video calls, social media, email, and more. 

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