Which Questions to ask a Contact Centre Solution Provider?

Contact Centre Solution Provider

The business environment is getting competitive by the day, and brands are getting competitive to gain customer loyalty. For an emerging business, a customer contact centre solution is vital as it helps to increase trust and deliver compelling customer care services ahead.

In the last two decades, contact centre service has evolved to a great extent. However, contact centres might still use call service, but now they have also opted for different channels, including email, text, video calls, live web chat, and social media services, to provide immediate services to their customers.

Here we’ve outlined some specific questions that help identify the best contact centre technology provider.

Q. Do you Provide a Multi-Channel Platform?

While looking for the best customer service solution, think about whether the provider’s platform can queue, distribute, and priorities interactions from several other channels such as text, video, call, fax, email, and voicemail. Usually, vendors claim to provide multimedia queuing but end up making false promises.

So, when it comes to excelling in customer service operations, it would be good to partner with a reliable company like RingCentral. Its advanced customer centre services are integrated with cloud collaboration solutions that significantly simplify your workflows with team messaging, task management and file sharing – the all-in-one platform design protect your investment in the long run.

Q. Does the Contact centre platform provide remote–agent capabilities?

In recent years, remote working has become a part of every organisation. That’s because not only does remote working boosts work operation but also helps reduce overall expenses. So, ask the provider whether they can enable telecommunicating agents to access and control the same screen from any location? Can remote supervisors monitor calls, check agents’ screens, and record calls?

Remote working capabilities can overcome company overhead expenses and eliminate the deployment of hefty equipment. A top-notch contact centre provider can help leverage more qualified leads that later become loyal customers. They also help eliminate overtime expenses and provide boost business efficiency.

Q. How much time will it take to deploy?

Buying and managing a call centre technology is usually tiring and lengthy. In general, deployment of new contact centre software requires custom compiling by skilled programmers because sometimes the process takes a few days, a few weeks or even months to complete – based on the complexity of your operation.

These days, cloud centre solution has reduced deployment time – it takes a minimum of 24 hours to get the system up and functioning. These cloud-based technologies provide all the routing rules and have companies – specific capabilities that help the organisation to manage time efficiently. Choose a trusted provider that opts cloud solution to install the program quickly.

Q. What Contact Centre software you provide?

When choosing a contact centre service provider, it would be great to look at what software the provider actually uses. There is numerous software available in the market each of them has its own plus and minus. So, before taking the service, you must decide whether you want an on-premise system or a cloud-hosted communication system.

Let’s talk about the difference.

On-premise Software

Although the on-premise system is ideal for calling, the system doesn’t fit when it comes to managing contact centre operations. A traditional on-premise system incorporates in-house servers, software, hardware, and all other tools to make in-bound and out-bound calls. In contrast, contact centre software needs features like file sharing, voicemail, email, video calling, and more that are not possible with an on-premise system.

Cloud-Based Software

With the cloud centre solution, the contact centre gets hosted in the cloud by a third-party provider. The software gets deployed on servers of the solution provider’s datacentre. It is an ideal technology to manage remote work operations. Agents can work from anywhere and access the tool as long as they have a robust internet connection.

With cloud technology, the agents do not need to manage their work records since the cloud solution can efficiently keep all the necessary information in the data centre. It means agents don’t have to worry about accessing the tool even they are operating from a different location.

Besides making calls, a cloud centre technology is ideal for handling email, live chats, social media etc.

Why Choose RingCentral as Your Next Contact Centre Solution Provider

1) Eliminates on-premise system usage

It is a leading contact centre solution provider that works on cloud technology tightly integrated with the unified communication system. It offers a reliable system that is easy to manage without any external assistance – your customer will find it helpful since it improves user experience that leads to customer satisfaction. Moreover, cloud software increases productivity while driving significant cost savings.

2) Reliability

Cloud-based systems allow you to continue serving customers even in a disaster. Your system will never go down, thanks to the cloud system.

3) Configuration Changes

Ring Central’s simple administration tools allow agents to manage their systems without any dependence on IT. Any hurdle and interruptions during the operation will be managed by the provider, which frees you to concentrate on the core job.

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