Remote Workplace: Simplify Business Operation with Flexible Communications

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Are you looking to replace your existing communication system? Or seeking a phone solution, messaging tool, video conferencing system or maybe all three? Did your employees find current communications infrastructure obsolete? You’re not alone.

In today’s time, the current workplace has transformed into a new world of communications. Because of cloud infrastructure, more and more businesses are shifting to remote and hybrid work cultures, the tools that once served us on our normal office days are coming up short.

Whether you’re a team of 5 or five hundred people, working in a modern workplace means complete flexibility. Today employees need total flexibility to work remotely, hybrid, or even in the office, and the capability to manage the highest quality of communication across all three. According to a report of Buffer, 97.6% of employees in 2021 wants to work mobile due to remote working flexibility.

If you want to boost your internal or external communication – or both of your organisations, we are here to help you solve the communication conundrums. We have explained how flexible communication like cloud phone solutions will help you and your team succeed in the remote workplace.

Key Features of Modern Communications

Today’s businesses need to understand how to navigate the modern communications landscape the right way. But, unfortunately, with so many technology options right now, it’s common to be frazzled and confused.

We’ve mentioned a go-to list of essential factors you could expect from every cloud-based communication software solution.

Unified Communications

There was a time when people needed to switch between multiple apps – more applications meant more reasons to pay the cost and carry headaches. However, with the implementation of unified communication as a service (UCaaS), you can easily eradicate the complexity by combining all apps in one single platform. The motto of the unified solution is one app, one bill, one vendor.

In this digital workspace and remote working generation, unified communication is undoubtedly one of the most important features to expect when choosing a communication system. Here, you can combine all communication channels – text, phone calls, faxes, video conferencing solution, emails, social media and more in one single app. Moreover, you can get it all from one vendor, which helps manage a flexible working model easily.

That is why 67% of employees think a unified solution will increase their workflow. Even 65% of staff believe that a unified platform will help them increase work efficiency. Choosing providers like Workanywhere (partner of RingCentral) can seamlessly integrate the entire workforce. As a result, it helps enhance employees’ productivity, boosts business ROI, and reduce the total overhead cost.

Exceptional Productivity

The best business communication tool will keep productivity front and centre. If you’ve still carried the obsolete way of communication, which doesn’t help drive productivity and collaboration, it’s time to release the option. Choosing a cloud phone solution for business communication needs has helped employees improve collaboration and productivity while working remotely.

With an advanced communication tool, your employee’s workflow will be more streamlined because they don’t have to switch between multiple apps and can effortlessly use all modes of communication without changing devices.

Unmatched Mobility

In remote working culture, mobility is no longer a want – it is the need of the hour. Gone are the days when employees tied to their desks relied on office phones for important business communication. The future-forward cloud communication has helped businesses manage a mobile workforce.

Nowadays, the traditional PBX phone is completely optional – you and your employees can easily manage your business communications from mobile and desktop apps. Choosing the right cloud phone provider not only help you access business communication from any device but also provides flexibility to work from any place using any device.

Greater Reliability

Reliability is one of the key elements of today’s business communication structure. In a fast-paced work environment, a slight downtime can lead a business to a major loss in revenue. Therefore, when looking for a cloud phone solution, it’s important to prioritise reliability over other factors. Choose a provider that ensures 24/7 multichannel support and help you during outages and disasters. A reliable communication solution can ultimately help save you a lot of time, money and provide you peace of mind.

World-class Security

Another key element that makes a communication tool perfect is robust security. Choosing a dependable provider can help you protect business data and communication channels like emails against fraud and abuse. In this digital age, cyber threats are increasing at a fast rate, yet many established businesses are not taking proper actions to secure their data.

Lots of companies are having issues with security. The right provider can help with security and compliance provisions and meet the specific requirements of your business. RingCentral comprises seven business-level security layers: SOC 2, SOC 3, HITRUST, FINRA, HIPAA, C5, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and GDPR compliance.

Better Return of Investment

When opting for an efficient business communication tool, you want to ensure that the tools you’re going to use must provide better ROI. When choosing the solution, ask yourself, “Will it enhance mobility, agility, employee productivity & collaboration, and customer satisfaction?” Also, think “whether it will decrease IT expenditure?” Go for RingCentral’s cloud phone system, and it lets you answer yes on all the above questions.

Workanywhere – Advanced Technology Communication Provider

As a leading Partner of RingCentral, Workanywhere provides a scalable, flexible and cost-effective cloud-based solution to meet business communication needs. The cloud phone solution offered by the team is easy to implement, secure and improve collaboration.

The cost-effective cloud-based tools of RingCentral empower remote workforces to seamlessly communicate, collaborate, and connect via any mode, device, and location.

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