How Businesses are Getting Prepared for Remote Work Environment?


The communication landscape is constantly evolving. In the past, nearly one hundred years ago, we used to send telegrams. Later its changed to traditional phone calls. Ten years ago, we started communicating by email. But in recent years, a new communication channel has come into existence, I.e., video.

With each passing year, video communication channels are penetrating our lives a bit more. Nowadays, people broadcast personal events on Instagram live, chat using facetime, and leave video messages on WhatsApp. Video channels are an interactive option to communicate with families, friends, and clients. It has now steadily spread into the professional sphere.

In this digital age, we are constantly witnessing the change in workplace solutions. Business leaders invest in an effective remote working solution that incorporates virtual rec rooms and simulates spontaneous office conversations between remote colleagues.

In this guide, we have mentioned the prime exciting applications that businesses are implementing and benefiting their remote teams.

Manufactured Social Time

Online collaboration tools were just starting to succeed in the last few years. Team messaging apps and video calls were beginning to slide into the remote workplace. Rather than meeting personally with clients and teams, leaders started adopting advanced communication tools like emails, video conferencing to collaborate with them via such technologies. These advancements have improved the way businesses function earlier.

For team productivity, the social meeting is crucial. However, when companies decided to tap into digital trends and build a global workforce remotely, they started feeling dis-engagement of employees. Earlier, their team was habitual of running clockwork, and this trend emerged out of the blue. The leading cause of the dip in team productivity was because employees felt isolated and alone.

As a service provider, RingCentral suggested companies conduct virtual meetings often with business video conferencing tools to improve interactivity and manufacture social time among employees so they do not feel a lack of enthusiasm. Companies’ executives must hold a team video call and just spend time; even weekly virtual gameplay can do wonders in team collaboration.

Virtual Meeting Rooms

Today businesses are getting more advanced and providing their teams and employees with the latest tools to enhance collaboration. Several modern Companies implemented video technology throughout the sales process, using personalized messages and screen recordings to interact with clients. As per RingCentral, they embraced tools that included video, audio, and screen share features to enable them to meet with prospective and current clients in a more personal way.

As many Saas companies deal with several teams, including sales, customer success, and products, they realized the absence of creativity. With the team augmentation, they started feeling the need for creative collaboration, just like having teams together in one office room. One solution that can help create effective and innovative interactions is deploying a virtual meeting room for the team’s growth in cold calling power hours.

The idea was so worthy that Companies started evolving the concept into an always-on virtual space. Rather than having an employee set up for each power hour, calls can be set up and have left it running permanently. Members of the team can add or drop into the call whenever they want. It has helped improve team productivity. The business leaders shared experience with RingCentral that their teams are now able to get quick responses to their questions and have an open forum framework. It inspired a lot of creative group meetings, enabling team members to join in on relevant discussions.

Ad Hoc Meetings

In this digital age, remote working is convenient for both employees and employers. For making remote working effective, companies opted cloud collaboration solutions. However, an essential feature of advanced cloud collaboration tools is its face-to-face interaction facility through video calls. Modern companies turned to video conferencing for regular meetings, training events, and project updates on a daily basis.

Nowadays, busy employers find the most value with short, sharp, ad hoc catch-ups. Ad-hoc meetings are effective outside a usual recurring meeting, and it is also called one-off meetings. It is helpful to deal with a specific topic or discussions that place at regular intervals. Ad-hoc meetings are unstructured meetings held without any proper planning and agenda. It is a way of saving long text or email conversations into a short purposeful meeting.

In Ad-hoc meetings, employers can set clear objectives and timebox the call. It is a great way to keep the conversation on point while avoiding disruptive diversion that usually happens in long-form meetings.

Buddy Breaks

A remoting working workspace works as parallel as a regular office. Let’s understand the routine of a remote worker; he wakes up and starts his tasks by logging in to the system. He joins the morning huddle meeting with his team through collaboration apps and discusses his goals for the day and anticipated roadblocks. After that, he gets busy with assigned projects and solves queries with group messaging the whole day.

One significant aspect of remote workspace is working alone, and it can sometimes hamper collaboration, communication, and productivity. Allowing randomized coffee breaks via business video conferencing apps is a great way to bring employees together. It also helps boost employees’ morale while improving team communication. Furthermore, it helps open employees to their personal problems as they are free to talk about whatever they want – weekend plans, plans, and even the latest Netflix shows. The Buddy breaks via video conferencing literally eliminates offices’ physical cafeteria need.

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