A Detailed Guide – Unified Communication System for Business Success

Unified Communication

The world is undergoing a digital transformation, and more businesses are embracing cloud technology than ever before. The technology enables users to access data anywhere without relying on specific tools. In 2021, many companies migrated their business in the cloud, including office operations, customer service, product listing and more – to the public cloud.

Concerning today’s Covid-19 circumstances, work from home or anywhere has become an integral part of business operation. The unified communication system is a cloud-based platform that effectively supports remote working – it helps connect individuals virtually with each other whether they are employees, business partners, customers, and suppliers, regardless of their geographical location.

Unified communication as a service (UCaaS) helps improve customer satisfaction by allowing them to access multiple channels like team messaging, video meetings, voice calls, text, live chats, and fax in a single platform. Here, in this blog, you will learn how unified communication can boost business performance and productivity.

History & Evolution of Business Communication

Since its inception, private brand exchange (PBX) has been a part of business communications. PBX was an effective on-premise system used to route inbound calls and manage phone features. These days PBX system has become obsolete for certain reasons – businesses used to incur more cost, employees were relied on desk phones to make calls, hard to deploy and many more. In simple words, traditional PBXs are difficult to manage, scale, and update.

Later, the introduction of an IP (Internet Protocol) based phone system, also known as voice over internet protocol (VoIP), has preceded the PBX system in many ways. Probably the greatest reason for adopting VoIP technology is that it saves cost. The IP-based phone system uses the internet to send data, significantly reducing telco expenses.

After that, cloud telephone systems came into existence for better reliability and minimum downtime – it covers the limitation of a traditional phone. It integrates several channels (voice, video, chat) in a single platform using a unified solution.

Essential Features of Unified Communication

Today, several options are available to meet business goals – from a traditional PBX phone to cloud-based systems. The UC platform combines unified communication and collaboration features that significantly reduce businesses’ overhead costs. Let’s look out its essential features.

Voice Calls: Just like the PBX system, unified communication includes inbound and outbound calling features. Other than that, it includes features like audio conferencing, voicemail, and faxing.

Video Conferencing: It is an important feature that supports a remote working environment. It makes the team more connected and productive. It supports a hybrid workspace that consists of real-time audio, chat, screen sharing, group live video calls so that employees can work from anywhere. Ring Central offers a UC platform where you can record video meetings without paying an extra cost.

Team Messaging: It keeps your team connected and productive while working on-premise or off-premise. Using this feature means everyone collaborates in one place, saving time. It is ideal for workers who are away from each other physically and working from home.

Team Collaboration: Integration with collaboration software like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 allows real-time editing and sharing of documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more – it effectively boosts productivity among employees.

Key Business Benefits of Unified communication solution

UCaaS offers many advantages compared to on-premise systems. It efficiently works on improving business and employee’s productivity. It also offers integrated capabilities to address the issues of today’s business culture.

It reduces overhead cost

When a business chooses a cloud-based solution like UCaaS – it can bring considerable savings. The maintenance and management costs are reduced and the software updates are taken care of by the provider. Furthermore, businesses can gain considerable cost advantages by choosing a secure and flexible cloud telephone system that eliminates more than one piece of PBX hardware. It allows working from a remote location and saves travelling costs.

It efficiently manages remote and mobile employees

UC enables employees to access technology and communicate with their teams no matter where they are and from any device. Besides voice calls, it provides a variety of other communication channels, including video, voicemail, text, email, social media live chat. In addition, employees get total flexibility in sharing documents and editing on same. Overall, these collaboration features effectively boost remote teams’ communication & productivity as if they’re working in the office.

It scales with your business

With time your business will grow. Considering today’s competitive market, you can’t afford that holds you back even if it is a communication system. It is impossible to scale your business with an inflexible system. Unified communication system flex when your business flexes.

In this fast-paced digital age, technologies change every year, so it becomes vital to update outdated tools to stay in the competition. Usually, due to high updating costs, many small companies hesitate to upgrade the technologies and keep the tools longer than what is ideal. A cloud-based UC system is exceptionally flexible and scalable, which provides access to virtually limitless communication.

It Boosts Customer Relationships

Switching to UC solutions means your businesses can also improve their customer relationships. Employees can communicate with customers faster and more efficiently from any location.

The unified system provided by UCaaS reduces the possibility of employees giving inconsistent information to customers. When a client asks an employee for product information via live chat, the second employee that the customer speaks to later through call will have access to the customer’s information to sell the product efficiently. It eliminates the point of confusion among employees as well as clients. In addition, customer satisfaction and user experience are improved by consistent, quick, seamless service.

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